Five Ideas for Channeling Your Muse

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In Greek mythology, the Muses were goddesses of inspiration and enlightenment who imparted knowledge and insight onto early poets, writers, musicians, artists, sculptors, scientists, and everyone else involved in the creative process.

Muses were the source of knowledge: without them, creators fell short of their potential; with them, masterpieces were born.

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Creativity, the Beast, and Community Theater

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I recently returned home from the opening night of a children’s production of Beauty & the Beast at the local community theater. As you might expect from a play where most of the cast were under 12 years old, there was plenty of room for improvement.

The show was spattered with forgotten lines, missed cues, technical difficulties, and frequent moments of awkwardness.

But do you know what happened? After every musical number? After every scene change?

Every time the lights went dark and the audience applauded, my six-year-old wheeled around and, grinning wildly, exclaimed, “this is really great! I like this better than the movie!”

What was it about the play that, despite its obvious shortcomings, made it an overall success? And how does that apply to your own creative pursuits?

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If You’re Struggling to Write, Try Saying Sayonara to Your Computer

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I Never Write Anything on the Computer

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…this is written on the computer.

But before a word of this was ever typed by a keyboard, before it ever appeared behind a blinking cursor, it was written down on paper.

There’s one simple reason for this:

Computers make great word processors, but not great word generators…at least not for me.

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